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More important to us, however, was the evidence being brought up by diver Teddy Tucker from the wreck in Castle Harbour.

Tucker believed the ship to be the War¬wick, which had been dashed against the cliffs late in November 1619, after bringing a new governor to the island. Most of the cargo had already been off-loaded, but a wide range of objects remained—including tobacco pipes. To me these were the real treasure. They were of the same shape and size as several found in the Wolstenholme fort well, suggesting that ours could easily have been in the fort before the Indians attacked in 1622.8cf91b622cc5b3ba64de961e4f20e0ab_crop_north

But was Tucker’s wreck the Warwick? A few of the artifacts said “No,” but most said “Maybe”—among them some of the least likely artifacts to be found on a 17th-century ship or in Bermudian waters at any date: five sherds of Roman pottery. An explanation was offered by clusters of ballast pebbles clinging to iron artifacts. I knew that coarse gravel from the Thames at London was often used for ships’ ballast, gravel that even today is dredged up mixed with coins and potsherds from Roman Londinium.

I dived on the wreck myself, carefully re¬moved a sample of ballast pebbles from the ship’s planking, and sent it to the Geological Museum in London.

The Thames shore once was as familiar to me as the postholes of Wolstenholme Towne. Revealed at low tide were the dis¬carded artifacts of 2,000 years of city life, everything from Roman jewelry to World War II incendiary bombs. Today, most of the metal objects have gone, salvaged by electronically guided treasure hunters. But the potsherds are still there, most of them dating from the Tudor and Stuart centuries.

I was to learn to my chagrin that I was far more familiar with the river’s pottery than with its gravel. On arriving at the Geological Museum for the verdict, I heard that although no staff member could say with certainty where my ballast sample originated, they were almost certain of one thing—it didn’t come from the Thames. Thus the riddle of the Castle Harbour wreck and her Roman pottery has yet to be

THE SAGA of Martin’s Hundred and its far-flung research has been rich in surprises, not the least of them coming from a pit at the edge of our Wolstenholme Suburb: the bones of a left human leg, bent at the knee, lying on its side—apparently alone.

At once we recalled contemporary descriptions of the 162 2 uprising, which told of the Indians “mangling the dead carkasses into many pieces, and carrying some parts away in derision, with base and bruitish triumph.” Could this be a relic of such dismemberment? If so, why was the trophy left behind?